The Responsibilities of Author

Authors must ensure that their manuscript describes original research which is not submitted elsewhere for publication and research work adds value to the research community. Author/s is expected to publish a research work for just one manuscript, instead of using it for multiple manuscripts. They are also expected to cite previous work by them or another scholar which influences their findings. The financial support and conflict of interest for project/research work if any should be disclosed. Author/s must report to the editor any error or inaccuracy if discovered and cooperate with editor with the same. Authors are required to submit their research articles using online procedure.

The Responsibilities of Reviewers

A reviewer is expected to maintain confidentiality of the submitted manuscript and does not disclose name of author/s with others. All copies of the manuscript are to be removed after completion of review process. He/she has to evaluate the manuscript critically and is expected for suggesting improvements within stipulated time. The reviewer should assess manuscript impartially and without any prejudice. The reviewer should inform editorial office about his/her inability to review manuscript promptly.             

The Responsibilities of Editors

The editors must ensure blind review of the manuscript and prevent any conflict of interest between the author/s and the editorial and review personnel. They must maintain confidentiality of information related to submitted manuscript prior to publication.

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